Several types of bunkers are available, from small to big. They provide (potentially) heavy firepower and enormous structural strength. They can be used to build fortifications around your bases. It is also possible to defend coastlines.

Attribute   Description
Type   Defence
Strength   Awesome firepower
Weakness   None
Cost   40 Units

Type   Defence
Strength   None
Weakness   None
Cost   30 Units

Type   Defence
Strength   Quickly build
Weakness   None
Cost   25 Units

Configurable bunkers

The bunkers in the WCS game can be configured. This means that you buy a "naked" bunker at first, but you can then upgrade it with a radar facility, a gun turret or a rocket turret.
The example below shows a bunker that has been upgraded with a radar.

Equipment mounted on bunkers performs conciderably better then when mounted elswhere. Performance can increase up to 50%.