Battle cruiser

The cruiser is your favorite weapon at sea. It is very, very powerful and has a very long weapons range. A cruiser can play a vital role as convoy protection. It is also very effective for surprise visits to enemy coasts. If you want to see what these ships can do then I advise you to visit Point du Hoc at the coast of Normandy (France). Believe me, you don't want to be in the neighborhood when these guys start shooting.

Attribute   Description
Type   Very heavy armored naval vehicle
Strength   Very strong; Extreme fire-power
Weakness   Slow moving
Cost   50 Units

Animation demo

The animation below gives you an impression of how a battle cruiser will behave in the game. In the game it is possible to configure your cruisers. Apart from the heavy guns you can choose light gun, rocket launcher, radar jammer, etc.