Daily updated CVS snapshot

A complete snapshot of all the files in the CVS repository. Note that you need some understanding of CVS to be able to use it.

Map editor (maped)

The map editor is one of the tools that you need to create maps for yourself. If you just want to play the game you do not need it. It has been designed mainly for the program developers, to quickly create test situations for their (AI) code.

With the map editor it is possible to design maps that resemble well known places, countries or islands.
Anyone wants to design a map for the bay of pigs?

Base editor (based) - planned

The base editor is another tool. You'll need it to design military bases yourself. If you just want to play the game you do not need it. It will be targeted mainly at the program developers, to quickly create test situations for their (AI) code.

With the base editor it is perfectly possible to design bases that resemble well known bases or cities.
Wouldn't Area 51 be a nice base to design?

Worst Case Scenario (wcs) - planned

Version 1.00: Introduction of one-map play

This version of the game will enable you to play against the AI-module of the game. Map and base will be created automaticaly at random or by loading pre-designed artwork.

AI will be limited to a "per vehicle" basis. Its every vehicle for its-self. This level of intelligence will resemble that of many commercial programs. There is no long term strategy or high level strategy.

In a number of point releases, this AI will be upgraded to support simple group AI.

Version 2.00: Introduction of multi-level play.

This version of the game will require you to do several battles on different maps. Every level will have increased difficulty. The difficulty will be mainly due to more enemy vehicles and better coordination of the enemies moves.

AI will be extended to include base-level tactics. Attacks on a per level basis will become much more coordinated.

Point releases will improve mainly on base-tactics.

Version 3.00: Introduction of continent-level strategy.

This version of the game will introduce a next higher level of difficulty. Now you must decide which country must have priority (to be liberated first) over other countries. You can try to attack countries that the computer regards as secondary for its plans (and hence, spends litle resources on them).

AI will now set-up a continent level strategy, creating large bases only in strategically important countries.

Point releases will improve on inter-country actions.

Version 4.00: Introduction of world-domination strategy.

This version will introduce the highest level of strategic planning. Extremely complex campaigns can now be planned, taking decisions now that will effect the situation later in the game. Strong battle groups can be assigned complex tasks, so they can survive unatended for a long time. Furthermore, this version will introduce strategic weapons."

AI will focus on pure campeign design, including decoy, sacrificing and distraction moves.

Point releases will improve on overal strategy.