WCS Project status

Following items are in some stage of contruction:

Allegro Wrapper

This project uses the Allegro game library. This library takes care of many aspects related to game design. Those aspects that are actually used in the WCS-project are supported by a wrapper-class. The Allegro wrapper classes are just making the library functions available via a C++ interface. They add no functionality that aid the usability or simplicity of using the class. The following wrapper classes are currently available or planned:

Interface classes

The interface classes are based upon Allegro wrapper classes and low level STL classes. They contain functions to make the "naked" wrapper classes more user friendly in terms of usability and simplicity. The following interface classes are currently available or planned:

Graphical engine

A powerful graphical engine takes care of displaying all the graphics on the screen. This is one of the most critical parts of the WCS project, since every bug in this part will kill the whole program.


Pathfinding is a critical part in this project. Many vehicles must be able to find their way around the map. Pathfinding in its simplest form can be found on the internet, but of course we need additional functionality:

Artificial intelligence

The WCS project aimes at setting a new standard for game AI. This project will incorporate several "levels" of AI:

Multimedia content

This game will incorporate all kinds of multimedia: