Project links

This page contains a collection important project links. If you think that some link is missing then just inform me.

The following links are presented:

The following tools are recommended:

* 1st Page A free HTML editor with lots of options.
* Allegro A programming library specially for game development.
* ArgoUML A UML design tool.
* DevC++ A C++ development suite (Win32).
* DJGPP A C++ development suite (DOS).
* DoxyGen Generates documentation from C++ source-code.
* Poseidon A UML design tool based on ArgoUML, but installs easier.
* PovRay Ray-tracer. Used for generating 3D graphics.
* Putty A set of SSH tools (telnet, ftp, explore). Used to work on SF servers.
* WinCVS A CVS tool for many platforms.