Project-team: Questions and answers

Specially for new team members this page contains some questions and answers that can get you started more easily.

I am a novice developer, can I still join the team?

You may not know it but you can play an important role immediately. It really doesn't matter that you have little experience in writing C++. Writing the C++ code is just a small part of designing a game. A lot of work also goes into discusions and plans about the design and approach that such a game must follow. Even without programming you are able to give your opinion about ideas and proposals that other team-members may have.

How do I join the team?

If you would like to join the project-team, there are a number of steps that you should do:

  1. Sign up as a member at (100% free and safe).
  2. Send me your sf-account name (not your password of course).

After these steps, using your account name, I can add you to the project team. This enables you to actively work on the project. It will enable other team members to contact you.

  1. Sign up for one or more of the email lists for the project. This enables you to communicate more directly to other team members. I have set-up mail lists for general discussions, web-designers, AI-designers and code-writers.
  2. Get your compiler to work AND install CVS. This enables you to up- and download pieces of software.

I suggest that you start with steps 1 and 2. I will then inform you of further steps

Do you know of an alternative to DJGPP?

For Win32 you may try DevC++. This is a very good compiler for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

What is a "code inspection" task?

One of the first things that a developer can do is to "inspect code". This is a technique where one developer screens code written by another developer. Experience has shown that about 80% of the potential bugs in a piece of code can be solved by using code inspection (which is completely different from testing the code).

Look at a more detailed task description.

It is without question that this task will enable you to master C++ more quickly, since you read and study actual code and make remarks on it.